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These Drivers & Transformers make it possible for any garden to have its own LED lighting system. The power supply units convert your 240v mains power supply to the voltage to suit you light fittings, usually 12v or 24v.

Drivers & Transformers

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Drivers & Transformers

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Drivers & Transformers FAQs

What’s the difference between an AC Transformer and a DC Driver?

The main difference you need to worry about is their output current. Each brand of lighting has their own specified power compatibility, typically our transformers are 12v or 24v AC & our drivers are 12v DC. So if you’ve got existing lights or globes or are researching, it’s very important to check what power supply they are compatible with before you buy a power supply.

What size transformer/driver do I need?

The size of your transformer/driver depends on the total wattage of the lights on your circuit. Eg: If you are using 8 x Spotlights with 5W LED Globes, you’re using 40W. You need a driver that is rated to handle the total of 40W. However, keep in mind that it’s important not to cut it too fine with matching the wattage to the capacity of the driver, if you undersize you will find the farthest lights will flicker. For this reason we recommend you allow for at least an extra 20%.

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