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Pressure Filters

In a pressure filter situation, water flows from the pump, through the filter & out through a waterfall, watercourse or back into the pond. Because the system is pressurised the filter doesn’t need to be placed at a high point & can actually be buried up to the lid.

Pressure Filters

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    Oase Filtoclear 3000 Pressure Filter
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    PondMAX PF4500UV Pressure Filter/UV Clarifier

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Pressure Filters

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Pressure Filters FAQs

What is a pressurised filter?

A pressurised filter sits outside of the pond and is fed water by a pump where it enters the filter and flows through the filter media under pressure so can therefore be positioned above or below the pond. Pressure filters must never be run with swimming pool or irrigation 'sump pumps' as these pump pressures are too high and will cause the filters to burst. Pressurised filters are suitable for ponds with fish up to around 7000 litres or 15000 without

Why does my filter smell when I open the lid?

It smells because the bacteria is doing its job. A good working filter will produce nitrogen gas as one of its by-products which means it’s working well. 

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