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Round Poly Tanks

Round poly water tanks are the best value water tanks available. All of our tanks are Australian made by trusted Australian manufacturers. When thinking about which tank is right for your situation, we suggest get the biggest one you can fit and afford. We say this because you can never be sure how long it will be until the next rain so you want to be sure that when you go to use your tank water, it will still be there.

Round Poly Tanks

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Round Poly Tanks

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Why should I choose a poly tank?

Plastic, or polyethylene (poly), water tanks are now the biggest selling sector of the booming water tank market.

Polyethyelene has been developed and tested in the market place over many years for the manufacture of upright water storage containers.

Polyethylene cannot rot or corrode, and is UV stabilised for Australian & New Zealand conditions. It is also resistant to algae growth as a result of its formulation.

Water tanks made from polyethylene are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit your needs and to make an attractive addition to your home.

How long does a poly tank last?

There are poly tanks that have been giving loyal service storing liquids for over 30 years, however there is no definite "life" period for a poly tank.

As with any other product you buy, its "life" will depend on how you install and maintain it, after it leaves the factory and what the service environment is like.

Most tanks will far outlive their warranty period, however the Australian & New Zealand Standard requires a design life of 10 years.

Can Poly tanks be recycled?

Yes, they can be completely recycled.

Polyethylene is already regularly recycled and used again in different products. The poly tank industry has shown a real concern for our environmental future by working with Auckland University on finding new ways to make it easy for tank owners to recycle their own tanks at the end of their product life.

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