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UV Clarifiers are an excellent chemical free way of improving water quality & fish health. The UVC works by flocculating algae as well as safely eliminating pathogens & bacteria.

UV Clarifiers

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    Oase Vitronic 11W UV Clarifier

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UV Clarifiers

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UV Clarifiers FAQs

Do I need an electrician to install my UV light?

No, they plug into a normal weatherproof power point.

Do I need to change the UV bulb?

Yes, most UV bulbs have an operating life of around 12 months so you should change them each year. The bulbs will still be shining after this time but they will have no UV effectively and will therefore not be controlling algae.

How do I know the UV light is working?

Depending on the model, there will be an indicator window or clear hose tail through which you can see the light.

How many hours a day should I run my UV light?

24/7. It should not be turned off as it will give the algae a chance to multiply.

I've got a UV but my pond is turning green, why?

Your bulb could have blown, it could be dirty or it could need replacing. Check to see that it’s clean and working, make sure it’s not more than 12 months old and keep it on 24/7. If you’re still having problems see your retailer for further advice.

My bulb has blown, can I get a replacement under warranty?

No, light bulbs are not covered under warranty due to factors outside of the manufacturers control such as power surges and lightening strikes. 

What is a UV light?

An Ultra Violet light (UV) is a light that emits ultra violet rays. They are used in ponds to control algae that turn water green. The algae that turns water green is microscopic and as it passes over the UV light it is killed and trapped in the filter.

Why should I be wary of cheap UV lights?

Cheap UV lights can have inferior bulbs with life cycles of 6 months or less. Some have even been made using non-UV stable plastics!

Will a UV light kill all the bacteria in my pond?

A UV light will kill all of the free floating algae in your pond that turns the water green but will not control algae on rocks or the sides of ponds as these are more highly evolved plant life and cannot be passed over the UV because they are not free floating.

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