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Lawn Seed

If you are looking for options to cover an area with lawn, turf seed is an excellent value for money option. We have a large range of seed varieties available with a choice of sizes to lawn areas of any size.

Lawn Seed

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Lawn Seed

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Lawn Seed FAQs

How do I prepare for a new lawn?

Firstly you must prepare the ground to a depth of 10cm remove stones and debris to make a suitable seedbed. Roll or rake the surface until a firm surface is achieved. A Starter Fertiliser can be raked into the surface before seeding.

What is the best time to sow a lawn?

For cool season grasses temperatures need to between 16 deg.C and 24 deg.C. (Southern States) For warm season grasses temperatures should be between 27 deg.C and 30 deg.C (Northern States)

How often should I water a newly sown lawn?

If the weather is warm and windy it may be necessary to water the seedbed 3 to 4 times a day to prevent drying

Can I oversow my lawn?

Oversowing will rejuvenate the lawn and improve it’s appearance. It should be done in Spring or early Autumn when temperatures are suitable.

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