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Our spray irrigation category provides all of the products and information to water every garden. We offer pop-up sprinklers, gear-drive or rotor sprinklers, shrub or fan sprays so you’ll be sure to find what you need. Spray irrigation is a great way to keep your garden green by spraying water from above. A whole area can easily be watered, at the spray then drips from the foliage to the roots. Spray irrigation is also extremely when laying new turf, top-down watering is absolutely necessary for establishing the lawn and sprays are the perfect solution.We provide the best products from the best irrigation brands and advice to help you complete your project, as well as a full range of spray irrigation accessories.

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    100mm Hunter PGP Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive (pack of 5 + key)
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    Spray Irrigation
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    Hunter SRM Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers
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    50mm RainBird 1802 Pop-Up
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    Rainbird 3504 Gear Drive Sprinkler
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    50mm Hunter PS Ultra PSU-02
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    4ft Hunter Pro Adjustable Arc Nozzle
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    100mm Hunter Pro-Spray PRS40 Pop-Up
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    100mm Hunter Eco Rotator (inc. MP1000 360°)
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    Rainbird 2045A Maxi-Paw Pop-Up Sprinkler
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    Hunter PGJ-04 Gear Drive Sprinkler
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    Poly Articulated Riser 15mm x 200mm
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    50mm Toro 570Z Pop-Up
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    100mm Hunter I-20 Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive (box of 20 + key)
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    100mm Hunter I-20 Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive (Non Potable)

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Spray Irrigation Help

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Spray Irrigation

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Spray Irrigation FAQs

How do I adjust my gear drive sprinklers?

Most gear drives adjust the same way: Alter the spray radius by changing the nozzle, most sprinklers come with a nozzle rack. And, alter the spray radius using a gear drive adjustment tool or screw driver. Gear drive adjustment tools or spanners make adjusting much easier with the added function of being able to lift the sprinkler riser for simple adjustment.

Do I need to use teflon tape? How much do I need to use?

Whenever you’re connecting two threaded fittings, teflon is required. The only exception is whenever either fitting has an O-ring, in this case, do not apply teflon as it may cause the O-ring to not seal correctly. The amount of teflon you apply depends on the application. In any constant pressure applications you look at up to wrapping around the thread up to 20 times, whereas in any non-constant pressure applications, like on irrigation risers, 2 or 3 times around the thread is enough.

What’s the best type of sprinkler for my garden?

There’s no best type of sprinkler, just better sprinklers for different applications. Gear Drives are better for large areas, over 5m. Pop-Ups are ideal for 1.5-5m & Micro sprays are excellent for anything under that.

What type of nozzles should I use?

The type of nozzle all depends on how far you need to spray, each nozzle is specified by the radius it sprays & the spray arc it provides (0-360 degrees). Aim to spray to the base of the next closest sprinkler for even watering. For more information on planning, check out our Product Guides.

How many sprinklers can I have on a single irrigation zone?

Each sprinkler & nozzle will push out water at different rates, but the key factor is the flow rate of your water supply. Work that out with a simple timed bucket test. From there, you can work out how much water each sprinkler you’re looking at uses & work within your flow limit. For more information, check our Product Guides.

Should I flush my watering system before running it?

As you install a system, it’s almost inevitable that small fragments of dirt will get into the pipe, for this reason you should always flush out the system before running it the first time. This can be done by leaving an open end at the farthest point of each irrigation zone & operating the zone for 15 or so seconds to flush it out. Then plug it up & you’re good to go! This can also be said for any other times dirt may have gotten into the system (eg: further irrigation repairs or a mains water supply fault).

Can I have drip tube & sprinklers on the same irrigation zone?

We definitely don’t recommend it. Typically, drip tube will deliver the water at a far slower rate that sprays. Because of this, if you were to have both on the same zone, the areas with drip would be left far drier than the areas with sprinkler coverage. If you do want to water some areas with drip & some with sprinklers, it can be done, but each will just need to be run on their own separate irrigation zones.

How far apart should I position my sprinklers from each other?

Firstly, each sprinkler &/or nozzle has a specified spray radius. Secondly, sprinklers are typically designed to deliver more water at their base & progressively less the further away you get. For this reason, you want to position sprinklers so they spray to hit the base of the next sprinkler. Of course this isn’t possible all the time so in those cases, aim to spray at least 80% of the way. By doing this you will guarantee even water across your lawn or garden.

Do I need a filter on my irrigation system?

Even on a typical domestic system running on mains water a filter is still a good idea. In the event of a water main fault where rubbish does find it’s way down the line, a filter will protect the system from blockage and or failure. On systems operating off recycled water, like from a tank, a screen filter is mandatory. Debris like silt & dirt from recycled water is the most common cause of blockages of failures in irrigation systems.

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