Electrical Conduit & Fittings

Electrical Conduit & Fittings

If you're running 240v cable or just need to protect a cable run use electrical conduit. We have LD & HD conduit in a range of sizes as well as fittings and saddles.

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Electrical Conduit Saddles

Use these Conduit Half Saddles to securely attach conduit to a wall..

Electrical Conduit Couplings

Use these Quality PVC Conduit Couplings to join conduit or extended a conduit line..

Electrical Conduit Elbows

Use these Quality PVC Conduit Elbows to change the direction of a conduit line.Note that these elbows do not have inspection openings...

Electrical Conduit Tees
$8.02 $8.91 Ex Tax: $8.02

Electrical Conduit Tees

Use this Quality PVC Conduit Tee to attach or divert an extra electrical cable..