Wett Up Soil Wetting Agent

Wett Up Soil Wetting Agent

This Wett Up Granular Wetting Agent from Advanced Seed is very high quality and is great for a number of applications. The advantage of Wett up is that it helps prevent water repellent soils in your garden and lawn. When your soil is water repellent any watering to your plants simply runs off and doesn't move down to the root zone. Apply Wett Up 1-2 times each summer and your garden will benefit dramatically.

Wett Up has fantastic coverage, just 10L covers 400m²! So it is great value for money and more of your garden will benefit from improved moisture retention.

5ltr Wett Up Soil Wetting Agent10ltr Wett Up Soil Wetting Agent
Type Wetting Agent Wetting Agent
Size 5l 10l
  • Lawns help us to relax, are aesthetically pleasing and reduce glare and traffic noise. Lawns help beautify the landscape and provide a sense of community pride.

  • If the weather is warm and windy it may be necessary to water the seedbed 3 to 4 times a day to prevent drying

  • Lawns provide a relatively safe area for children to play and are a low cost ‘injury prevention’ surface for games and sports. They allow rainfall to replenish groundwater for trees and shrubs. They are effective in soil erosion control.

  • Let the grass grow to a height of 5 to 6cm before the first cut and then only reduce the height by a third.

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