EarthWay 3400 Ergonomic Hand Held Seed Spreader

EarthWay 3400 Ergonomic Hand Held Seed Spreader

Ideal for small areas or occasional spot spreading. The EarthWay 3400 Hand Operated Spreader is an ergonomic spreader for use with seed, fertiliser and any granular material.

Designed with an integrated scoop design, the 3400 can grab the product out of bags or cans so you don’t need to touch the material you are spreading.

Small, cost effective and easy to store due to it's compact size.

• Rustproof 12kg Poly Hopper
• Adjustable rate control
• High-speed hand crank gearbox
• Ergonomic handle and scoop front design
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

EarthWay 3400 Ergonomic Hand Held Spreader
  • Lawns help us to relax, are aesthetically pleasing and reduce glare and traffic noise. Lawns help beautify the landscape and provide a sense of community pride.

  • Lawns provide a relatively safe area for children to play and are a low cost ‘injury prevention’ surface for games and sports. They allow rainfall to replenish groundwater for trees and shrubs. They are effective in soil erosion control.

  • Let the grass grow to a height of 5 to 6cm before the first cut and then only reduce the height by a third.

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    • Warranty: 5 year limited