EarthWay 2030-P Plus Broadcast Seed Spreader

EarthWay 2030-P Plus Broadcast Seed Spreader

Accurate spreading with Earthway EV-N-Spred Side Spread Control.

The Earthway SideSPRED-Control™ is for "deflector-free" spreading around gardens,  paths, and driveways.  The SideSPRED-Control™ eliminates the need for deflectors that may stop fertiliser, seed or other spreadable materials from going onto gardens and path. 

Simply push the lever across so it shuts down the spread on the side.  Plants and paths won’t be covered with granules.  USA manufactured, simple to use and built to last.  The Earthway 2030 plus estate grade broadcast spreader is suitable for larger lawns. Equipped with 9”/22cm high-flotation tires that roll easily over rough surfaces. Fully assembled in the box, this unit comes ready to work.

• No need for a side deflector
• Uniform application rates
• Keeps fertiliser off sidewalks or out of flower beds
• Great for up to the property edge spreading


  • 65lb/30kg Hopper capacity– rustproof poly construction
  • EV-N-SPRED® 3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System
  • 100lb/45kg Load bearing capacity - what the frame will support
  • 9"/22cm high-flotation pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Chassis
  • High Speed gearbox
  • Optional3-sided deflector– #60200
  • Optional Rain cover - #77003
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime tech support
    EarthWay 2030-P Plus Broadcast Seed Spreader
    Type Broadcast Spreader
    Colour Red, Black
    • Lawns help us to relax, are aesthetically pleasing and reduce glare and traffic noise. Lawns help beautify the landscape and provide a sense of community pride.

    • Lawns provide a relatively safe area for children to play and are a low cost ‘injury prevention’ surface for games and sports. They allow rainfall to replenish groundwater for trees and shrubs. They are effective in soil erosion control.

    • Let the grass grow to a height of 5 to 6cm before the first cut and then only reduce the height by a third.

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      • Brand: EarthWay
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      • Warranty: 5 year