Kikuyu Blend (Coated)

Kikuyu Blend (Coated)

Kikuyu is a popular lawn choice around Australia.  It requires minimal care and once it’s germinated and established it will tolerate heavy wear and tear.  Kikuyu is a highly drought tolerant grass variety and holds it’s colour well in most situations. Turbocote Kikuyu Lawn Seed is a warm season grass that require soil temperatures of 18 + degrees to germinate.  The name of this variety is Whittet, which is an improved Kikuyu variety.  It has a medium texture, a robust turf density and will establish and persist well on poor soils and those with low fertility.  It benefits from a premium coating.  

Turbocote is a moisture absorbant coating that adds benefits and weight to the seed.

Seed Mixture By Count:

  • 100% Kikuyu Grass Seed

Sowing Rate:

  • New Sowing: 0.5 – 1kg per 100sqm
  • Oversowing: use approx half new sowing rate.  0.25 – 0.5kg per 100sqm

Grass Type Characteristics:

  • Establishment Rate:  Medium Growth in Establishment.  Takes roughly 10-14 days to establish in ideal conditons.
  • Drought Tolerance:  Extremely  Good
  • Shade Tolerance: Moderate
  • Heat Tolerance:  Excellent
  • Wear Tolerance:  Extremely wear tolerant


  • Drought tolerant warm season grass
  • Vigorous grower and produces quick cover
  • Holds colour well in most situations


  • Ideal for Low Maintenance Turf Areas
  • Excellent for erosion control on hillsides and banks
  • Grows well where other grasses won’t
  • Suitable for Recreation, Sportsfields and Lawns


  • Mowing heights are recommended at 25-50mm.
  • Frequent mowing will keep thatch build-up to a reasonable level.
  • It is essential for best results to maintain adequate moisture in the seed bed.

Turbocote Features:   

  • Moisture absorbent coating
  • Bright coloured coating material
  • Increases establishment speed through increased seedling vigor for quicker lawn cover.
  • Less opportunity for weed invasion
  • Improves plants ability to absorb nutrients from the soil
  • Stimulates root growth following stress due to disease, insect, extreme weather and foot traffic
  • Improves access of important nutrient and water to the root system
  • Strengthens both root and leaf of the plant to assist in guarding against diseases and weather stress.

Turbocote Benefits:

  • Retains important moisture around the young emerging seedling for significant improvement in establishment
  • Allows for ease of identification when oversowing
  • Promotes a sustainable healthier plant system. Best equipped to maintain a lush lawn.
  • Greatly improves recovery of both the root and leaf following
  • Better root health, better plant health, means a better lawn.
  • Stronger, hardier more robust plant - promoting, vigorous roots and a healthier lawn that is more resistant to stress from heat, drought and foot traffic.
1kg Kikuyu Blend (Coated)10kg Kikuyu Blend (Coated)
Type Lawn Seed Lawn Seed
Size 1kg 10kg
  • Lawns help us to relax, are aesthetically pleasing and reduce glare and traffic noise. Lawns help beautify the landscape and provide a sense of community pride.

  • Oversowing will rejuvenate the lawn and improve it’s appearance. It should be done in Spring or early Autumn when temperatures are suitable.

  • Firstly you must prepare the ground to a depth of 10cm remove stones and debris to make a suitable seedbed. Roll or rake the surface until a firm surface is achieved. A Starter Fertiliser can be raked into the surface before seeding.

  • If the weather is warm and windy it may be necessary to water the seedbed 3 to 4 times a day to prevent drying

  • Lawns provide a relatively safe area for children to play and are a low cost ‘injury prevention’ surface for games and sports. They allow rainfall to replenish groundwater for trees and shrubs. They are effective in soil erosion control.

  • For cool season grasses temperatures need to between 16 deg.C and 24 deg.C. (Southern States) For warm season grasses temperatures should be between 27 deg.C and 30 deg.C (Northern States)

  • Let the grass grow to a height of 5 to 6cm before the first cut and then only reduce the height by a third.

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