Instant Turf Kings Pride Buffalo (per metre)

Instant Turf Kings Pride Buffalo (per metre)

Imagine a totally new Australian soft leaf buffalo grass that is greener for longer, softer than ever, yet even more hard-wearing. A grass that looks better performs better and allows you more time to enjoy your lawn and your life. Kings pride is redefining what makes a good lawn truly great.


  • Superior shade tolerance
  • Capacity to mow the grass to very low levels
  • Good winter colour (Once established)
  • Low seed head production
  • Not damaged by any registered chemical

  • Lawns help us to relax, are aesthetically pleasing and reduce glare and traffic noise. Lawns help beautify the landscape and provide a sense of community pride.

  • Lawns provide a relatively safe area for children to play and are a low cost ‘injury prevention’ surface for games and sports. They allow rainfall to replenish groundwater for trees and shrubs. They are effective in soil erosion control.

  • Let the grass grow to a height of 5 to 6cm before the first cut and then only reduce the height by a third.

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