KwikCut Advance Spring Action Pipe Cutter

KwikCut Advance Spring Action Pipe Cutter

The KwikCut Advance is 'the' tool for any irrigation installation. With its spring action, it is perfect for making multiple cuts fast.

These cutters are ideal for thin wall PVC, Poly pipe, Hose and Tubing, & we've even cut through annealed copper with them as well. The stainless steel blade is forged from the longest lasting, highest quality metal. This creates a blade that is sharper and holds its edge longer for more clean, precise cuts. KwikCut Advance spring action model cuts work time in half.

Replacement blades are available.

KwikCut Advance Spring Action Pipe CutterKwikCut Replacement Blade
Type Pipe Cutter Pipe Cutter Blade
Material Plastic, Steel Steel
Colour Orange Silver

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    • Brand: Dawn
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