Antelco Poly Tube Cutters

Antelco Poly Tube Cutters

The Antelco Micro Irrigation Tube Cutter and Tube Punch are ideal for cutting and punching holes in low pressure irrigation tubes.

Protected blade and spring action keeps tool blade out of harm's way  when not in use.

Square cutting action perfectly prepares tube for the installation of poly tube fittings.

Cuts low density poly tubes, clear vinyl tubes (CVT) and hydroponic tubes up to an outside diameter of 16mm. 

Perfect for 4mm tube, 13mm poly pipe and drip tube !

Antelco Poly Tube Cutters
Type Pipe Cutter
Material Plastic, Metal
Colour Red

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    • Brand: Antelco
    • MPN: 42355
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    • Warranty: 12 Month