Pump Suction Hose

Pump Suction Hose

Use this excellent hose when connecting your pump to a tank. It is highly flexible and reinforced with a PVC helix so it won't suck flat and allows you the flexibility to move your pipe line to any height and length. This hose is also able to handle high pressure (up to 75psi/500kPa) pumping of tank water and even other materials.

We recommend this flexible hose over PVC pipe for a pump suction because PVC pipe requires you need to get your measurements exactly right, it's rigid with very little flex and if you use PVC you'll need to install barrel unions to help with the removal of the pump for servicing. The suction hose is much more forgiving.

We advise using a poly director on one end of the hose and a poly nut and tail with a poly hex nipple at the other end for easy disconnection. A couple of stainless steel worm drive clamps will secure the connections.

Pump Suction Hose 25mm (Blue) (Per Metre)Pump Suction Hose 32mm (Blue) (per metre)
Type Pump Suction Hose Pump Suction Hose
Material PVC PVC
Colour Blue Blue
Inlet Pipe Size 25mm Barb 32mm Barb

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