DAB E.sybox Variable Speed Pressure Pumps

DAB E.sybox Variable Speed Pressure Pumps

DAB E.SYBOX is an integrated system for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications.

Save money and space with this energy efficient and space saving pump.

Consists of a self priming multi stage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flow sensors, high resolution LCD display and integrated expansion vessel of 2 litres.


  • Household water supply - single and double storey
  • Irrigation
  • Rainwater tank pumpset
  • Water transfer
  • Pressure boosting
  • Small commercial operation

  • Powerful performance Flow up to 2 Litres/second and head up to 6 Bar
  • Energy Efficient variable speed motor operating from 0.3kW to 1.5kW
  • Water cooled motor and sound dampening casing creating the quietest booster pump available today - only 45 dB
  • Self priming down to 8 metres
  • Dry running protection
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically, in a ventilated room or recess.
  • Saves 30% of space compared to traditional systems.
  • Flexible installation with Horizontal or vertical position and wall mounting accessory kit
  • Variable positions for in-let and out-let pipework
  • Anti-vibration mountings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Integrated chamber with expansion vessel, tool kit and installer manual
  • Wireless device to create pressure booster sets or to connect to other devices
  • 2 year DAB warranty

DAB E.sybox Mini Multi Stage Pressure PumpDAB E.sybox Multi Stage Pressure Pump
Type Variable Speed Pressure System Variable Speed Pressure System
Material Composite Composite
Colour Green Green
IP Rating IP55 IP55
Inlet Thread Size 25mm BSPF 25mm BSPF
Outlet Thread Size 25mm BSPF 25mm BSPF
Max. Flow Output (Lpm) 80 120
Max. Head Height (m) 50 61
Tap Rating 8 12
Power Supply 240V 240V
Output Power Variable up to 850W Variable up to1550W

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