Netafim IrriGREY Grey Water Filter

Netafim IrriGREY Grey Water Filter

This Netafim irriGREY Grey Water Filter is the best product we've found for filtering water pumped from Grey Water Diverters. The unique 3 dimensional filter element collects lint and hair while ensuring minimum required cleaning.

This filter is made of UV resistant Polypropylene so you know it will last, it is designed to be installed down stream of a grey water diverter protecting your drip tube and other equipment from blocking up.

The filter comes with a 25mm inlet and outlet as well as a special spanner so it is easy to open for cleaning and replacing the filter elements.

Netafim IrriGREY Grey Water Filter
Type Grey Water Filter
Material Plastic
Colour White, Purple
Inlet Thread Size 20mm BSPF
Outlet Thread Size 20mm BSPF
Min. Inlet Flow (Lpm) 10
Max. Inlet Flow (Lpm) 100
Max. Inlet Pressure (kPa) 500

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