Oase Quintet Creative

Oase Quintet Creative

The Oase Quintet Creative quite simply has it all: 5 individual pumps, each individually lit up with LEDs & all programmed by remote control.

Each pump provides a luminous water jet that appear out of nowhere. Think, radiant, leaping fountains with an ever-changing appearance. It's fascinating water entertainment in your own garden!

  • Pumps can be installed floating or on ground with adjustable fountain set.
  • Neutral White LEDs
  • Includes 12v transformer 2m (power unit) + 8m cable,
  • Maximum fountain height of 140cm

The five individual pumps can be set up or suspended in a wide variety of configurations. They are individually activated and illuminated. Fountain height as well as the water effect can be selected via remote control in permanently stored programs.

Oase Quintet Creative

Oase Quintet Creative
Type Water Entertainment Kit
Colour Black
Max. Head Height (m) 1.4
Power Supply 240v AC
Power Usage 50W
Wireless Range 80m
Globe Type Integrated
Globes Fitted LED
Globe Colour Neutral White
Cable Length 10m

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  • $2,199.00
    $2,199.00 $2,199.99 Ex Tax: $2,199.00
    • Brand: Oase
    • MPN: 50394
    • Availability: Ships in 1-3 Days
    • Warranty: 2+1 year