PondMAX Pond Clarifier Bacteria

PondMAX Pond Clarifier Bacteria

PondMAX Pond Clarifier Bacteria is a blend of naturally occurring bacteria formulated to clear surface sedimentation and organic debris from the bottom of the pond, reducing the need for regular pond filter cleaning. The starter dose helps to establish a population of good bacteria and the maintenance dose tops up the population, effectively helping to reduce pond sludge and excess nutrient levels in the pond environment. as a concentrated powder blend is highly effective at reducing ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, hydrocarbons.

Dosage: Add 3.75 grams (1 level, 10ml scoop) of treatment per 2500L of pond water every week for one month and then add one level scoop once a fortnight to maintain pond efficiency.

• 100% Harmless, 100% Chemical Free
• Recharges Filter and Halves Maturation Time
• Rapidly consumes pond sludge

PondMAX Clarifier Bacteria 22.5g
  • Yes, some treatments use chemicals but some use natural products such as bacteria and enzymes.

  • All of our water treatments are safe for fish and plants when used as per the instructions. The only exceptions are products designed specifically for water features and therefore use a formulation that is not suitable for fish or plants.

  • Filtration systems are designed to reduce the amount of pollutants from a pond and starve algae of its food source. The first step is to make sure you’ve got a filtration system that is capable of filtering the size of your pond and the amount of fish you have in it (further information on filtration can be found in the filtration section of the FAQ’s). If you have a well balanced pond with a good working filter then it’s unlikely that you’ll be a regular user of water treatments but you may need some from time to time. 

  • If you’re experiencing problems with excess algae, poor plant growth or fish health problems then you should start looking at the reasons why. Testing the water is a good start as this can determine if the pond is out of balance. Testing the water before you use a water treatment is also a good idea because many of them won’t work as well if the pond has unfavorable water conditions. Testing the water will help identify problems that water treatments can fix or if you need to consider other alternatives such as filtration. 

  • You can start by looking through the product descriptions on our website or by reading the packaging in the shops. Some water treatments are easy to work out because they target a specific problem.

  • In most cases the best method is to take a bucket of your pond water, mix in the correct amount of liquid or powder and distribute throughout the pond. Some treatments differ from this procedure so please follow the instructions.

  • Your bulb could have blown, it could be dirty or it could need replacing. Check to see that it’s clean and working, make sure it’s not more than 12 months old and keep it on 24/7. If you’re still having problems see your retailer for further advice.

  • You must expect a small amount of algae in a pond because it’s a natural system but if you experience problems caused by excessive string algae or blanket weed then you should consider reducing the amount of feed and ensuring you have a good biological filter that operates 24hrs a day to help remove excess nutrients from the pond. String algae prefers water with high pH so testing your water and reducing your pH will also help.

  • There are treatments for a range of problems including; -killing floating algae that turns water green -preventing algae -balancing and stabilizing the pond’s water chemistry -reducing sludge -increasing oxygen levels -altering important water chemistry conditions like pH and hardness -improving biological filters with beneficial bacteria -removing algae from water features -removing chlorine from tap water -improving the hardness of rain (tank) water -clearing cloudy water -removing ammonia from the water There are water treatments available to help with most pond problems.

  • When you need to. Although water treatments are safe to use it’s not a good idea to use them when you don’t have to. For example, it’s unlikely that you’d need to use an algaecide over the winter months because algae naturally die off over this time of year so why load you system with unnecessary products? Depending on your pond, you may need to use balancing products all year round as these products provide stability and maintain the general health of your pond.

  • We get any number of calls from people across the country who've bought from overseas & have problems. From electrical output problems to thread compatibility problems & other problems that we aren't able to help with!

    By buying from SunshowerOnline, right here in Australia, you can be sure that your warranty issues are covered, that compatibility & compliance isn't an issue & that you'll be able to get helpful after service advice. 

  • While water treatments are effective, the need to use them usually identifies underlying problems with your pond such as excess nutrients from runoff, organic pollution, too many fish or over feeding. If you’re using water treatments all the time you should look at the reasons why to work out better long term options. In many cases the cost of purchasing a filtration system is soon recovered by the savings on water treatments.

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