Online Tools & Calculators

The internet is full of really good & really bad tools & calculators to help you with your new garden projects. We've got out our fine toothed comb & found the best ones for you to have a look at. Have a look below to check out the selection, there's plenty for you to have a look at! If there's a site you think we've missed Click Here to let us know about it!

Irrigation Planning & Design Tools

Home Irrigation Designer by

The Home Irrigation Designer from Neta is one of the best irrigation design tools.

Just download, then design your system at home, at your own pace. The step-by-step process is easy to follow with lots of on-screen help. You can save your project and try a few different designs. Print a plan of your design and a shopping list guide of all the pipe and fittings you need.

Home Irrigation Guide by

The Home Irrigation Guide from Neta is an excellent DIY guide to home irrigation. The guide includes useful design tips, choosing the right products, how to install them, water saving ideas & troubleshooting help.

Learn how to set up an Automatic Manifold and Controller to save you time in the garden.

Pond & Water Feature Tools

Pond Volume Calculator by

Clearpond has provided a simple Pond Volume Calculator to help you when working out the level of filtration required in your pond.

Basically, with no fish or plants, the volume of your pond needs to turned over once every 2 hours, with small fish once every hour & with Koi once every half hour.

Conversion Calculator by

With pond pumps and filters showing their output in various ways it can be difficult to compare them with each other.

Clearpond has this simple conversion calculator to help you. It has conversion calculators for distance, volume, weight, temperature & pressure.

Running Cost Calculator by

With energy prices rising every year, Clearpond has a handy Running Cost Calculator so you can work out how much a pond pump you're looking at will cost to run

Another simple tool to use, just enter the wattage, how long it will be used per day & the cost of electricity on your bill & there you have it.

Water Saving Tools

Interactive House & Garden by

The Interactive House & garden by SA Water is an excellent tool to help you save water in your home.

You can take a tour & find out how to save water in each part of the home & garden, play the game & see how much you can save or you their calculator. If you're looking to save water, it is an excellent place to start.

My Water Use by

My Water Use, setup by The University of Melbourne is a community project where you can share your water saving experiences with other gardeners using the site.

Add your garden, choose from their huge range of plants species, work out your watering schedule & setup your water tank. It is a great way to share your experiences & learn from other water conscious people!