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Residential Gear Drive Sprinklers

Gear drive sprinklers are the ideal option for watering larger lawns. Also known as rotor sprinklers, our range includes pop-up gear drives for lawns, as well as fixed height gear drives for tennis courts and gardens. Most pop-up gear drive sprinklers are made with a plastic shaft, but we also offer stainless steel shaft sprinklers for greater durability and strength. A great benefit of gear drive sprinklers is that they can be fitted with different nozzles and be adjusted to suit different lawn and garden areas.

Residential Gear Drive Sprinklers

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Residential Gear Drive Sprinklers

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Residential Gear Drive Sprinklers FAQs

How do I adjust my gear drive sprinklers?

Most gear drives adjust the same way: Alter the spray radius by changing the nozzle, most sprinklers come with a nozzle rack. And, alter the spray radius using a gear drive adjustment tool or screw driver. Gear drive adjustment tools or spanners make adjusting much easier with the added function of being able to lift the sprinkler riser for simple adjustment.

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