Rattling Solenoid Valve Locator

Rattling Solenoid Valve Locator

The operation of the solenoid rattler is simple. Connect this inline, turn the station on & listen out for your rattling solenoid valve. It's easy to use, inexpensive & makes finding valves much easier.

Keep in mind, this system does have its limitations, if your valves are deep in the ground, the rattling will be difficult to hear.

Rattling Solenoid Valve Locator
Type Solenoid Valve Locator
Material Plastic
Colour Black, Red
  • The main safety concern is regarding the water supply. To avoid contamination of the mains water upstream, in most municipalities, a Dual Check Valve is required at the water connection.

  • A garden tap is an excellent place to connect your irrigation system. Ideally, install a connection point behind the tap (turn the water off first) so you can still use your tap to fill a bucket when you need to.

  • No, unless you’re tapping into your water supply, a plumber isn’t required. Most domestic irrigation systems can be installed by anyone half handy.

  • Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest tasks in irrigation. First, look in the obvious spots which are near you water connection & any garden taps. Often over time solenoid valves can get buried, so it can be useful to use a stick or long screwdriver to poke prospective areas until you feel that hard tap of the valve box (if there is one). Beyond that, it’s time to consider solenoid valve seeking equipment or calling a serviceman. This can all be avoided of course by installing valves in single locations on a manifold close to a tap & at a depth not likely to get covered over time.

  • Well you’re in the right place! We’ve got it all here. The first step, is drawing out a plan of your garden, to scale of course. If you need help on how to do that, you can get started right here!

  • We get any number of calls from people across the country who've bought from overseas & have problems. From electrical output problems to thread compatibility problems & other problems that we aren't able to help with!

    By buying from SunshowerOnline, right here in Australia, you can be sure that your warranty issues are covered, that compatibility & compliance isn't an issue & that you'll be able to get helpful after service advice. 

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