Orbit Ultralight Adjustable Watering Pistol

Orbit Ultralight Adjustable Watering Pistol

The Ultralight Adjustable Pistol Nozzle is made of lightweight aluminum construction and an Ergo Light comfort grip. The insulated grip helps prevent hot or cold handle. The spray pattern of the Ultralight Adjustable Pistol Nozzle can easily be adjusted with finger tip flow control from a gentle spray to a heavy jet stream. This pistol also features a lock-on clip for constant spray.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Positive grip handle design
  • Insulated grip helps prevent hot or cold handle
  • Comfort grip
Orbit Ultralight Adjustable Watering Pistol
Type Adjustable Spray Gun
Material Aluminium, Plastic
Colour Black, Silver
  • The main safety concern is regarding the water supply. To avoid contamination of the mains water upstream, in most municipalities, a Dual Check Valve is required at the water connection.

  • A garden tap is an excellent place to connect your irrigation system. Ideally, install a connection point behind the tap (turn the water off first) so you can still use your tap to fill a bucket when you need to.

  • Even on a typical domestic system running on mains water a filter is still a good idea. In the event of a water main fault where rubbish does find it’s way down the line, a filter will protect the system from blockage and or failure. On systems operating off recycled water, like from a tank, a screen filter is mandatory. Debris like silt & dirt from recycled water is the most common cause of blockages of failures in irrigation systems.

  • No, unless you’re tapping into your water supply, a plumber isn’t required. Most domestic irrigation systems can be installed by anyone half handy.

  • Well you’re in the right place! We’ve got it all here. The first step, is drawing out a plan of your garden, to scale of course. If you need help on how to do that, you can get started right here!

  • There’s no best type of sprinkler, just better sprinklers for different applications. Gear Drives are better for large areas, over 5m. Pop-Ups are ideal for 1.5-5m & Micro sprays are excellent for anything under that.

  • We get any number of calls from people across the country who've bought from overseas & have problems. From electrical output problems to thread compatibility problems & other problems that we aren't able to help with!

    By buying from SunshowerOnline, right here in Australia, you can be sure that your warranty issues are covered, that compatibility & compliance isn't an issue & that you'll be able to get helpful after service advice. 

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