Pope Click & Go Canberra Sprinkler Set

Pope Click & Go Canberra Sprinkler Set
The Canberra now comes as 2 pieces: The Orange Click & Go Metal Base and the Click & Go Three Arm Head. When connected, the Pope Canberra sprinkler is the classic 3 arm design perfect for small to medium yards. 

Designed and engineered in Australia, the Click and Go series of sprinklers allows users to construct their ideal sprinkler.

  • 3 Arm rotating spray that provides even coverage
  • Solid metal base
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • 20 kPa low pressure operation
  • 24.8 LPM
  • UV treated to Australian conditions
    Pope Click & Go Canberra Sprinkler Set
    Type Hose End Sprinkler
    Material Plastic, Metal
    Colour Orange, Black
    Inlet Pipe Size 12mm Hose
    • The main safety concern is regarding the water supply. To avoid contamination of the mains water upstream, in most municipalities, a Dual Check Valve is required at the water connection.

    • A garden tap is an excellent place to connect your irrigation system. Ideally, install a connection point behind the tap (turn the water off first) so you can still use your tap to fill a bucket when you need to.

    • Even on a typical domestic system running on mains water a filter is still a good idea. In the event of a water main fault where rubbish does find it’s way down the line, a filter will protect the system from blockage and or failure. On systems operating off recycled water, like from a tank, a screen filter is mandatory. Debris like silt & dirt from recycled water is the most common cause of blockages of failures in irrigation systems.

    • No, unless you’re tapping into your water supply, a plumber isn’t required. Most domestic irrigation systems can be installed by anyone half handy.

    • Well you’re in the right place! We’ve got it all here. The first step, is drawing out a plan of your garden, to scale of course. If you need help on how to do that, you can get started right here!

    • There’s no best type of sprinkler, just better sprinklers for different applications. Gear Drives are better for large areas, over 5m. Pop-Ups are ideal for 1.5-5m & Micro sprays are excellent for anything under that.

    • We get any number of calls from people across the country who've bought from overseas & have problems. From electrical output problems to thread compatibility problems & other problems that we aren't able to help with!

      By buying from SunshowerOnline, right here in Australia, you can be sure that your warranty issues are covered, that compatibility & compliance isn't an issue & that you'll be able to get helpful after service advice. 

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