Netafim Landline 13 Drip Tube

Netafim Landline 13 Drip Tube

Netafim Landline 13 (formerly Scapeline) is an excellent option for gardens which are relatively flat and don't have multiple levels or considerable slopes. This tube can be used in a number of applications:

  • On-surface installation
  • Shrubs, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens
  • Large planting areas
  • Medium to long laterals length
  • Large pots and containers

For best results both aesthetically and efficiently, the Landline should be laid under mulch to reduce evaporation even further.

Please note that Landline isn't made with a pressure compensated dripper so slopes and multi-levelled garden beds may cause uneven watering between low and high points. If this is an issue, check out our Netafim Techline AS range.

50m x Netafim Landline 13 (13mm)(30cm Spacing)(2lph)200m x Netafim Landline 13 (13mm)(30cm Spacing)(2lph)
Type Non P.C. Drip Tube Non P.C. Drip Tube
Material Poly Poly
Colour Brown Brown
Total Length 50m 200m
Inlet Pipe Size 13mm Barb 13mm Barb
Max. Flow Output (Lph) 2 2
Min. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 50 50
Max. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 300 300
Dripper Spacing 30cm 30cm

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