13mm Netafim Bio-line Techline AS Drip Tube (3lph)

13mm Netafim Bio-line Techline AS Drip Tube (3lph)

Netafim Bio-Line AS is an excellent drip tube coloured for use with recycled water. It is the Lilac coloured version of Netafim's Techline AS and has a range of excellent features including:

  • Anti Syphon: won't suck any dirt or grit into the line that can cause blockages
  • Pressure Compensating: Can be used on slopes and multi-levelled gardens and will water at the same rate at the high and low points.

This tube can be used in a number of applications:

  • On-surface installation
  • Under Lawns
  • Shrubs, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens
  • Large planting areas
  • Medium to long laterals length
  • Large pots and containers

Please be aware that most Grey Water Diversion systems won't allow the use of this tube with their units. This tube is excellent but due to the design of the drippers the sump pumps in Grey Water Unit can be restricted and burn out. This tube is designed for pressure applications, if you're after a tube that can run off Grey Water Units or in gravity applications, check out our Netafim Tiran Drip Tube.

  • Flow Rate (per dripper): 3lph
  • Tube Size: 13mm
  • Dripper Spacing: 30cm
  • Available Lengths: 50 & 200m
50m x Netafim Bioline (13mm)(30cm Spacing)(3.0 lph)200m x Netafim Bioline (13mm)(30cm Spacing)(3.0 lph)
Type Grey Water Drip Tube Grey Water Drip Tube
Material Poly Poly
Colour Purple Purple
Total Length 50m 200m
Inlet Pipe Size 13mm Barb 13mm Barb
Max. Flow Output (Lph) 3 3
Min. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 40 40
Max. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 250 250
Dripper Spacing 30cm 30cm

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