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Drip Tube Fittings

These fittings are designed specifically for connecting drip tube to poly pipe. Use these fittings to make installing drip tube much easier. We have our full range of poly fittings in the Pipe & Fittings section.

Drip Tube Fittings

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Drip Tube Fittings

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Drip Tube Fittings FAQs

Do I need to use teflon tape? How much do I need to use?

Whenever you’re connecting two threaded fittings, teflon is required. The only exception is whenever either fitting has an O-ring, in this case, do not apply teflon as it may cause the O-ring to not seal correctly. The amount of teflon you apply depends on the application. In any constant pressure applications you look at up to wrapping around the thread up to 20 times, whereas in any non-constant pressure applications, like on irrigation risers, 2 or 3 times around the thread is enough.

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