Installations & Servicing

As well as selling a huge range of products from the Elsternwick Store, Sunshower’s team has completed projects varying from installing 100,000 litre above ground steel tanks in Toorak to adjusting controllers in Murrumbeena. Whatever the job, we’re happy to answer your questions or give you a quote.

Spray Irrigation

Eventhough most are forced to move to drip irrigation, Sunshower is well aware that properties with bores, tanks and grey water treatment plants are still able to water with sprays. And for properties around Melbourne in this situation, Sunshower is always able to help with its decades of experience servicing, repairing and installing micro spray, pop-up and gear driven spray systems.

If you’re looking to have a new system installed, add on or change an existing system, or just need someone to service or repair a section, Sunshower is well equipped to do the job.We know which components to use to water your garden effectively:

  • Which type of sprays will suit your garden,
  • What sized pipe to run to maximize flow to your spray heads,
  • Which spray patterns will provide the most even watering,
  • Which areas of the garden need more water than others, and
  • How long each area should be watered for.

Drip Irrigation

If it’s effective garden watering your after in today’s dry climate, Sunshower’s Skilled Technicians have been the leaders in quality Drip Irrigation service and installation. We know that the plants and trees in your garden are important to you so we take the care to install a system that can help your withstand the harsh conditions of the current drought.

With the combination of our quality products and the workmanship that Sunshower’s Technicians pay to each job, we don’t take the shortcuts or make the mistakes that other companies may do.

We use only the best Netafim Drip Tubes, Antelco Poly Fittings and quality components so there are no unnecessary repairs on faulty, cheap parts.

We take due care to find out the right information when quoting properties for Drip Irrigation:

  • How sandy is your soil?
  • What varieties of plants are being watered?
  • Where are the more shaded/exposed areas of the garden?
  • How many zones will your property need?
  • What type of drip tube will be most effective?
  • Will mains and/or recycled water supply this system?
  • If so what type of pressure reduction & filtration is necessary?

We have also completed countless system conversions, converting Spray Systems to Drip Systems, so if you have any questions about this or drip irrigation in general feel free to Contact Us.

    Water Tanks

    Having access to such a wide range of tank types and sizes has meant that each tank installation job we’ve completed has been vastly different from the last one. Sunshower’s Technicians have experience installing all different types of tanks and know how to address all of the problems you’re likely to come across that other companies may not, meaning that when the job is done, there are no headaches further down the track.

    Important factors we look at when quoting a property for a tank system are:

    • Which type of tank fits your property the best?
    • What are you using the water for?
    • What capacity should your tank be?
    • How & where can you catch water? Roof, Ground Water, Tennis Court?
    • What is appropriate filtration for the water?
    • What sized pump do you need?
    • What do YOU want overall?

    The following are types of tanks that we have installed and still do:

    • Polyethylene Slimline, Round & Modular Tanks
    • Polyethylene Underground & Under Deck Tanks
    • Colorbond Steel Slimline & Round Tanks

    Each type of tank can be applied a number of different ways, we have so many your only problem is choosing which one is best for you! Or we can even do that for you!

    Garden Lighting

    Yet another area of expertise for Sunshower’s Skilled Technicians is Garden Lighting. With a comprehensive range to choose from ranging from the high end to lights for people on a budget, Sunshower has the right light to bring out the best in your garden at night.

    The years of experience installing brilliant garden lighting designs coupled with the usual associated care and attention to detail brought by Sunshower’s Technicians, there is no doubt your garden will be brought to life with Garden Lights from Sunshower.

    Garden lighting is a great way to accentuate the features of different parts of your garden:

    • Along a Pathway or Driveway,
    • Surrounding an Outdoor Entertaining Area,
    • Along the Edge of a Patio,
    • Under Tree Canopies,
    • Highlight a Water Feature or Garden Ornament, or
    • At the base of a vine or other feature plants.

    Service & Installation

    The job is never complete until the customer is happy at Sunshower. If you have a system installed by us, or any other tradespeople, and something needs to be looked at: Maybe a sprinkler has been broken by a pet, you want to add some more garden lights, or book a general service to check everything’s working.

    Most of our work is based in the inner east of Melbourne, Contact Us and someone from the team will be happy to answer your questions or come out and solve your problems.