Buying Guide: Sprinklers for Garden Beds

There are many variations of sprinklers you can use to water your garden beds. Some are better suited to certain applications than others but it depends on the area and plants you are trying water. Here’s some information on each types of sprinklers for gardens & how to best use them.

Micro Sprays

For smaller garden beds & generally tighter areas of your garden, micro sprays are ideal. Producing a delicate fine spray & connected with a combination of Low Density Poly Pipe, Micro Tube & Micro Risers, Micro Sprays are both discreet & inexpensive. For their simplicity and low cost Micro Sprays are an excellent option.

With basic spray patterns (quarter, half, full & strip), Micro Sprays are best utilized in garden beds up to 1.5m wide with low lying plants or hedging. Ensure you flush the line particularly before installing any Micro Irrigation as the smaller openings can get blocked with dirt.

Border Jet Sprays

Border Jet Sprays are the essentially the big older brother of the Micro Sprays & are also ideally suited to beds up to 1.5m wide. Made from Brass, they not only provide that fine micro-spray, but lined along a garden bed they’re arguably the most attractive spray fitting you could put in your garden.

But further to that, the key benefit of Brass Border Jets is their resistance to damage. In the situation of chew-happy dog, or a stray kicked ball, these sprays are much more durable.

Shrub Sprays

Shrub Sprays are the great all-rounder with options for all sized gardens. Standard spray patterns are available with spray radii available from 1-5 metres. But a great advantage is they’re also available with a variable arc, which you can set from 0-360 degrees as well as strip & corner nozzles which are ideal for long, skinny & odd shaped areas.

Shrub Sprays are most commonly installed on Black Poly or Grey PVC Risers using a Shrub Adaptor. They’re the most commonly installed sprinkler type for medium to large garden beds.


Pop-Up Sprinklers

If you love the idea of an automatic irrigation system but don’t like the idea of being able to see sprinklers dotted throughout your garden, you can actually use pop-up sprinklers! Typically, a pop-up sprinkler will pop-up only 100mm out of the ground which in most cases wouldn't be high enough to spray over any shrubs in your garden. But, Pop-up Sprinklers with pop-up heights of up to 300mm are available. You can attach any Shrub Spray to one of these sprinklers, they’ll pop-up high enough to spray evenly over your garden & when they’re done they’ll disappear into the ground.

PDF Download: BuyingGuideSprinklersforGardenBeds.pdf