Buying Guide: LED Light Fittings

Depending on which area of the garden you’re looking at lighting up, there are a number of types of lights that can do the job. But one of the keys to making the best impact with your lighting design is getting the right selection of lights for the right application.

Brilliant Lighting design isn’t about flooding an area with light, it’s as much about shadow as it is about light, so think about that when making your selection.

Spot Lights

Spot Lights are everyone’s go to light and for good reason. They’re perfect for highlighting focal points in your garden like water features, plants or trees. Well positioned to work with the textures & colour of a garden, they are a great way to re-shape how your garden looks at night.

Bollard & Path Lights

Bollards serve their own unique purpose. While the fitting itself is designed to be seen, there are a variety of options available. They look best arranged as a group, whether lining a pathway or dotted throughout a garden bed. When looking at various bollard lights, take note of the different ways each would project light, whether out from under a vintage hood, reflected through a unique prism or something else. Great for accentuating plants beside paths or driveways. These lights play a functional role in your garden but also come in a range of fantastic designs that easily add value.

In-Ground Up Lights

These lights are designed to be set in paving, decks or some even in lawns. They are best used when lining paths & driveways with over-hanging branches, transforming a spooky dark path into a welcoming entrance. Fittings with wider openings & adjustable lamp holders are available allowing them to double as an inconspicuous spot light, shining towards textured foliage or other garden features.


Driveway Lights

A type of In-Ground Light, these also set into paving or decking and project light across the surrounding ground surface. Lining a path, the glow from these fittings stands out just enough without taking away from the spread of light accentuating the textures in your paved area.

Pillar Wall Lights

Pillar Lights describe Wall Lights with a cylinder head, like what you might see on many spotlights. A number of variations are available, with fixed or adjustable heads & they work like a wall mounted spot light. Adjustable options are excellent for highlighting nearby features whereas fixed lights shine across the wall working with the surrounding textures & colour.

Step Lights

Step Lights define nearly every other style of Wall Light that isn’t a Pillar Light. But unlike Pillar Lights, there’s a whole range of styles available. There are step lights designed to be set in the wall, called “Recessed Step Lights” & “Flush Mounted Step Lights” which are easily installed without the need to drill a cavity in the wall. As their name suggests, Step Lights look great lining pathways with steps. Consider making the most of the different finishes available to really bring out surrounding stone or wood surfaces.

Submersible Pond Lights

A great way to bring ponds & water features to life at night. Place the lights under the water and shine them up into your fountain, spillway or just into surrounding foliage to turn you garden into a beautiful, tranquil urban oasis. Consider using coloured LED globes for a really unique effect.


LED Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is the latest trend in garden lighting. It's perfect for highlighting distinctive angles & edges along decks, walls, pergolas, ponds and more. You can also purchase strip light in a kit, complete with an LED driver to ensure you're getting the right amount of power to your lights. These lights are also very versatile, coming in a range of wattages and colours.

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