Buying Guide: Sprinklers for Lawns

Pop-up Sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers are the easiest and cheapest way to water your garden and lawn. They come in a range of heights and can be fitted with standard Fan Spray Nozzles & Rotator Nozzles, usually from any brand. When selecting pop-ups, consider the height of the lawn, make sure you select a sprinkler that is able to project over grass at its tallest. The output of a Pop-up Sprinkler is totally dependent on the nozzle that is fitted. Read below to find out the differences between each option.

Fitted with Fan Spray Nozzles

The Fan Spray Nozzle is the standard nozzle you’ll find in most pop-up sprinklers, low cost & reliable. With spray radii between 1.5 & 5 metres & spray patterns to suit any shaped lawn  they’re ideal for any small to medium sized lawn. Most Fan Spray Nozzles fit in most brands as the thread size is an industry standard. But be careful to look out for whether a thread is Male or Female so when it comes to screwing onto your sprinkler, it fits!

Fitted with Rotator Nozzles

Rotator nozzles are the new kid on the block and have really transformed spray irrigation. The nozzles provide slow-rotating fingers of water at varying distances to evenly cover that spray radius. The key benefits with these nozzles set them ahead of standard pop-up nozzles.

Firstly, they have a lower precipitation rate, which means they deliver water at the ideal rate for the lawn to stay healthy. Some sprays deliver too much water, too quickly. This means you get flooding which is bad for lawn health. Rotator nozzles provide the water at the ideal rate for turf health.

Secondly, rotator nozzles provide less water per head & have the capacity to spray further which means you can spray a larger area per sprinkler & put more sprinklers on each zone. This means less irrigation zones, which means less other parts & labour, saving you money!

Gear-Drive (or Rotor) Sprinklers

Gear Drive Sprinklers are your option for medium to large sized lawns and beyond. The type you’ll normally see in a domestic home are a smaller version to what you might see on a golf course or sports field. These sprinklers provide a steady stream of water back-and-forth across the spray radius & models spray from 5m to beyond what you’ll likely need in your home. There are also stainless steel shaft options for greater durability and strength. Unlike Pop-ups, these sprinklers come with a rack of nozzles which cover the specified spray radii & then a tool (often purchased separately) or screwdriver can be used to adjust the spray radius.

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