Havit Pinta Surface Mount Step Lights with Eyelid

Havit Pinta Surface Mount Step Lights with Eyelid

These Surface Mount Eyelid Lights are an incredibly simple but effective wall light that is easy to install and looks great on any feature, retaining or any other kind of wall. These lights come with a tri-colour LED, allowing you to choose between Day Light, Cool White and Warm White.

Place these lights along a wall or path and light up garden features, paths or ornamental plants to make them a real feature for your home and garden.

  • Voltage: 12V
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Max Wattage: 2.3W
  • Globes: Tri-Colour Built-In LED (2.3W included)
  • Requires a 12v DC Driver

Havit's comprehensive range of garden lights are stylish and represent excellent value for money.

Havit Pinta HV2924 LED Step Light (Black)Havit Pinta HV2904 LED Step Light (316 Stainless Steel)Havit Pinta HV2904 LED Step Light (Antique Brass)
Type Surface Mounted Step Light Surface Mounted Step Light
Material Aluminium Solid Brass
Colour Black Antique Brass
Compatibility LED LED
IP Rating IP65 IP65
Power Supply 12v DC 12v DC
Power Usage 2.3W 2.3W
Globe Type Integrated 2.3W LED
Globes Fitted 2.3W LED 2.3W LED
Globe Colour Cool White (6000k), Day Light (4000k), Warm White (3000k) Cool White (6000k), Day Light (4000k), Warm White (3000k)
Globe Luminosity (lm) 180, 170, 160 180, 170, 160
  • Being exposed to the weather, water damage will occur any where water can get in. Electrical tape isn’t quite water tight & over time water will creep into the circuit & create havoc & void all warranties. For this reason you should always use waterproof cable joins like heat shrinks.

  • No, you do not need an electrician to install 12v garden lights. Transformers plug straight into a powerpoint & all of the 12v components are safe for DIY installation.

  • We get any number of calls from people across the country who've bought from overseas & have problems. From electrical output problems to thread compatibility problems & other problems that we aren't able to help with!

    By buying from SunshowerOnline, right here in Australia, you can be sure that your warranty issues are covered, that compatibility & compliance isn't an issue & that you'll be able to get helpful after service advice. 

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  • $42.50
    $42.50 $44.66 Ex Tax: $42.50
    • SKU: LLF-HV2924B
    • Brand: Havit
    • MPN: HV2924T
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Warranty: 12 month
  • $106.86
    $106.86 Ex Tax: $106.86
    • SKU: LLF-HV2904SS
    • Brand: Havit
    • MPN: HV2904
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Warranty: 12 month
  • $124.00
    $124.00 Ex Tax: $124.00
    • SKU: LLF-HV2904AB
    • Brand: Havit
    • MPN: HV2904T-AB
    • Availability: Available in 1-3 Days
    • Warranty: 12 month