Gel Filled Wire Connector (small)

Gel Filled Wire Connector (small)

This 3M Scotchlok 0.9mm cable connector is an excellent option for a flame free cable connection.

This self-stripping, insulated and moisture-resistant butt connector is designed to connect 2 or 3 conducting wires. Simply put the wires in, crimp the connector and the join is secure and sealed. It is ideal for use with Solenoid Valve Cable.

Gel Filled Wire Connector (small)
Type Cable Connector
Material Plastic, Gel
Colour Grey, Black
  • Being exposed to the weather, water damage will occur any where water can get in. Electrical tape isn’t quite water tight & over time water will creep into the circuit & create havoc & void all warranties. For this reason you should always use waterproof cable joins like heat shrinks.

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    • Brand: 3M
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