240v Epoxy Cable Connecting Kits

240v Epoxy Cable Connecting Kits

Cast resin straight-through joint for electrical cables and conductors. Universally suitable for connecting polymeric cables or conductors insulated with PVC, PE, XLPE and EPR (e.g. N(A)YY, NYM, TT). Suitable for compression or screw connectors on copper and aluminium conductors.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Splice area visible before casting
  • High-quality transparent shockproof plastic shell
  • Large filler aperture to facilitate casting
  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Resistant to alkaline earth elements
  • Stabilized against UV rays
  • Longitudinally and transversely water-tight
  • High electrical insulating values
  • High mechanical strength
  • Ready for immediate operation
  • Quick and easy assembly saves time and reduces costs


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Underground
  • Water
  • Installation ducts

Cable Joining Kit 240v Epoxy Size 1Cable Joining Kit 240v Epoxy Size 3
Type Cable Connector
Material Plastic, Epoxy
Colour Clear
  • Being exposed to the weather, water damage will occur any where water can get in. Electrical tape isn’t quite water tight & over time water will creep into the circuit & create havoc & void all warranties. For this reason you should always use waterproof cable joins like heat shrinks.

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