Looking forward...with a positive mindset!

For us, March started as "edible garden" month which seems – firstly, a decade ago, and now – slightly more relevant than intended...

And while we can't be sure of what lies ahead exactly, we see ourselves in an important position to support those of you at home, and the many small businesses that are still responsibly functioning, while practising the Government and WHO recommendations of: Essential travel only, social distancing, 20-second soap handwashing and disinfecting.

While we're still permitted, and while we feel we can remain safe & responsible to do so, we'll be open. And if things become more restrictive, we're ready to continue to adapt with you.

One thing we see, is that for those fortunate enough to have a private outdoor space, the next period could be a real opportunity to create a sanctuary of self-improvement, to help keep up a positive mindset - or just a place to keep yourself off Netflix!

And beyond that, if you're not feeling 100% and want to talk with us, we'll be there to support you. If you or anyone you love is already significantly affected by what's been going on, whether that's health or career related, we sincerely hope you're doing ok.

Our community is awesome, creative and positive. And through this, we'll continue to be there with you.


Stay safe & healthy everyone

The SunshowerOnline Team