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24v Pondmate Pond Pumps

The PondMate range of pond pumps represent great value for money and are an excellent option for any pond.

The PondMate submersible pumps are suited to any sized pond or water feature, they can be used as a fountain pump in an urn or with a fountain nozzle, or just as a circulation pump to keep the water moving.

These 24v pumps are very handy when there aren't any power points close to your pond. 240v pumps require a powerpoint nearby because you can run 240v cable along a garden bed. These pumps have 5m of low voltage cable that connect into a weather proof transformer (included), and if that's not long enough PondMate has a 10m extension cable available.

These pumps are quality products and come with a 2 year warranty. If you're not sure which pond pump is right for you, check out the chart below:

Model Max Flow (Lph) Max Head (m) Power Cons (W) Cable Length (m)
1000 1000 1.8 16 7
1500 1500 1.8 20 7
2400 2400 2.3 40 7
3500 3500 2.8 70 7
Power Supply 24V (includes 240V transformer)
Max. Flow Rate 1000 - 3500Lph
Max. Head Height 1.8 - 2.8m
Output Power 16 - 70W

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24v PondMate 1000 Pond Pump
24v PondMate 1500 Pond Pump
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24v PondMate 3500 Pond Pump
10m Extension Lead for 24v PondMate Pumps
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24v Pondmate Pond Pumps
24v Pondmate Pond Pumps
2 year Warranty*
*All warranties are subject to the manufacturer's Terms & Conditions